Kakamega is no doubt endowed with a rich culture. Bull and cock fighting has marked the region on the world map as the native’s boast of a rich culture practice by very few in the world. Dr. Boni Khalwale has earned a name ‘shindishindu-musoni’ which loosely translates to‘bull fighter’. Critics and animal rights activists have pointed fingers at bull fighting as a practice claiming it’s going against the animals’ rights. But Khalwale who is the sitting Kakamega Senator,has always succeeded in downplaying the accusations with a lot of ease. He has even gone further to create a stadia at Malinya primary in Ikolomani constituency where the sporting event is marked every weekend.
The crying stone located at Ilesi has also pulled interest from various people especially when the stone starts to ‘cry’. During the rainy season, water is seen dropping from the top vertically to the ground, that’s how it was christened ‘crying stone’.
On your way to Elukho through Lurambi, there is another fascinating rock which no one has ever thought about – Elukho rock. It is a mass that can only be spotted in volcanic zones of the world. The rock sits on a plate shaped stone and appears as if falling.
Muliro garden located in the heart of Kakamega town is a place where people get solace. When you walk through the garden named after a great hero Masinde Muliro, people of varying designations embrace each other enjoying the cool breeze as others hunt soul mates. The negative publicity it attracted some years back when some individuals chose to convert it into bedroom only added to its significance as a historical spot. People travelled from far and wide to come and see what it looked like. Kakamega became synonymous with Muliro Garden.
On the outskirts of Kakamegatown there is Lubao market, a ground that is renowned for selling dogs and cats in Kenya. It is interesting seeing people exchange dogs and cats for goods.
Kakamega forest is a home of thousands of species of animals ranging from; insects, birds, antelopes, leopards, monkeys, baboons among others.
When you visit the forest, you will no doubt fall in love with the stingless bees that produce a medicinal ‘brand’ of honey. This honey is a cure for wounds, fever and controls asthma when mixed with aloe to make honey syrup.
Trees of varying sizes and species of almost 250 years are also found within the forest, with the famous located at Secheno near Rondo retreat centre,18 kilometers from kakamega town. Its circumference is equivalent to 18 mature men’s hands holding each other’s hands with armsopen.
At the far east of the forest we have Ingolomosio hills which border Kakamega County to Nandi County. Here, landslides are common and it’s also a divine ground where Christians hold prayers and fasting. It’s believed the first miracle ever performed in Kakamega – Bukhungu stadium by one of renownedprophets, was after visiting this holy ground. 15km to the west, there’s Kakamega national reserve where bird watching is done. In this reserve, Luhya culture is show cased. That’s isukuti dancing from isukha community.
With the county government in place, Kakamega shows prospects of development if it’s managed well. Gold mining in Ikolomani, Lurambi and Shinyalu can see the second placed county grow to tremendous heights. The main source of income in Kakamega is seen to be sugarcane farming with three cane industries physically located at the county;Mumias sugar-second largest in Africa after Mauritius, west Kenya and Butali sugar provide employment to the locals and also serve as ready market to their produce.

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