Campus Politics The bane to Tribal Politicians.
Kenyan Universities are aggravating an already dire tribal situation in the country. You need not rocket science to see that tribalism has adversely and negatively impacted on our peace love and unity as a country; all enshrined in our National Anthem and Constitution. Our Universities are the factories that manufacture and mould tribal honchos who later join the political choir to further and perfect the art of divisive politics based on tribal inclinations.
The existence of a plethora of tribal committees in our universities is apparently the bane for tribalism. With acronyms such as (KAMU) Kalenjin Association of Maseno University,(BAMMU) Bukusu Association of Masinde Muliro University to mention but a few are the hallmark of the tribal cocoons in our universities. Far from their ester while agenda of promoting culture, these associations have turned out to be Kamukunjis where students only deliberate on campus politics strategize on who they should vote for to address their tribal needs.
It is quite evident from or politicians that most of them held leadership positions while still in campus as their divisive and tribal politics percolates down to the roots where they learnt the art. It is high time that such associations be dismantled or better still be reminded of their mandate far from advocating for tribal interests in campus politics to show superiority of their tribes. It should always remain clear that in a University people from various backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and interests meet for a common goal. The pride should be in the meeting and unity in diversity, embracing and appreciating one another’s culture and not stereotyping based on ethnicity.

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