Journeys End.

Andy Fox:Poems

This is Journeys End.
This is where we stop.
This is where you leave me.
This is the end for us.
This is your choice.

This is not the end of the journey for me.
I carry on as I have spent my life doing.
Alone with my thoughts I walk.
Sometimes I miss folk.
Mostly I do not.

Journeys End means many things to many people.
To some it is an accomplishment to reach so far.
To others it brings nothing but a sense of failure.
I failed.
You failed.
You do not understand me.
That is my failure.

This is my new beginning.
This is my oldest of old roads.
Myself on my own.
Ghosts of my past litter the trail behind me.
Sometimes they tap me on the shoulder.
They remind me of past mistakes.
My mistakes are many and would fill a book.

I write littleā€¦

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