Over time and again circumstances often send me into the deepest of introspections, exhaust my wits to their very last bits. It is understanding the human nature. Many, if not a few will agree with me that despite God having created us in His own image some must have been created more in his image than many others. Worst still is the irony that human beings are all equal but the reverse is very true or let’s just say some are more equal than others. For how long I have lived on this planet earth does not matter but rather what I have lived to see as the nature of human beings, the reason for our living and what we take our fellow human beings to be.
Life experiences if not encounters with a plethora of human beings has sent a suck full of superlatives in my mind. To begin with, why would one pledge an oath to a fellow human being? Why would a fellow human being issue a sentence to an individual? Then why would a fellow human being determine the fate of your destiny and compel you to submission in whichever context?
Traversing a number of offices in search of a job, knowledge of information and presenting a complaint for possibly an erroneous water or electricity bill, time and again I have been made to feel demeaned, submissive and desperate for assistance. Which begs the questions haven’t they been employed for that job to attend to such issues? Why would one feel superior in this context now that you want help from their office? The scene gets uglier and unbearable when you are asked to chip in some token in order to be attended to. Wait! Not for me, never! I can never pay/bribe my way through for my rights. It now turns in to a scuffle when the officers realize that you are wittier and can never contour to their whims and when they feel so much pushed to the wall and intimidated they can easily turn the case against you for attempted bribery.
Have we become this evil and malicious? The human nature has for so long lost meaning devoid of the ideals of Christian values, condour, civility, love, humility and patriotism. There exists many inhuman practices ranging from murder, rape and witchcraft but I have decided to pen my memoir out of my own personal experience and by large my take on the human nature and our main reason for existence. If I reflect even deeper the hundreds of questions that drove me to pen my treatise start streaming endlessly. There are so many approaches or rather theories about the origin of man ranging from evolution to what is conventionally and truly accepted; Creation by God.
When God created man, He clearly gave instructions, roles and later commandments to govern man.All this is stipulated in the Holy book not forgetting that we are to multiply, fill the world and have a continuous generation. Why then has man improvised ways to curb the birth of children like the famous family planning methods? Why has man become judgemental to his fellow human beings, pronouncing death sentences and allegiance owed to? When did all this protocols start existing? I am yearning for a world where all will be equal devoid of inhuman practices, sycophancy, corruption, oppression, impunity, tribalism,owing allegiance to individuals and political atrocities. One would laugh off at the glance of my wish lists and claim that they can only exist in heaven,which is true.That heaven can exist here on earth.I remain overly stoic.

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journalist, voice over artist, extrovert, i hate fakes...
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