Far from a plethora security lapses throughout, the current spate of insecurity in Lamu County calls for nothing less than police reforms that have for so long been left pending. It beats all and sundry as to how a series of killings can plague Lamu County each day whilst a contingent of both administration and general service unit and lately the “disciplined forces” are in existence. Among other disparities are deplorable living conditions and a peanut for a salary that has consistently demotivated the police. Just to cap the apex of it all is the recent move to accommodate both the male and female in the same household regardless of their marital status. The mode of which young men and women are recruited to the police service is also a bone of contention. I am yearning for the day when one’s physic, ability to run long distances and the “fatness” of one’s pocket will not be the requirements to pass the recruitment test. Maintaining law and order calls for more than that in fact, less of that, it calls for intelligence, ability to make wise decisions and integrity. Many, if not all of our police officers hardly comprehend the law which they are protecting/upholding. We need to not only change tact but most important implement reforms, in order to motivate and realize a reformed police service, it is only then that insecurity and lawlessness will a forgotten lot.

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