Whereas issues raised by the cord team in the push for a referendum are quite pertinent and of public interest, it is incumbent upon them to educate the public of what the issues are and how they will not only positively impact on democracy but also how it would better the life of Wanjikus. A myriad of Kenyans hardly know or decipher the issues mentioned, it would be inappropriate for cord to push for the referendum whilst not conducting civic education to put civilians in the right picture.
Kenya is now at a worse crossroad, ranging from a limping economy, insecurity, perennial strikes by public servants and acute corruption that has been witnessed by a plethora of ethicized public office appointments. Cheating Kenyans for fishy gains, political bickering and oscillating where only money exists are the last lot of crass that Kenyans can stand as of now.
An educated public will not only be able to make independent but reasonable decisions and not the usual handouts based that have cost us to date. Having come hardly five years since the promulgation of our new constitution and its full implementation, the push for a referendum is quite premature and may be deemed as counterproductive. It is for this reason that cord principles need to really convince the public what the pertinent issues are and why they cannot wait any longer even at the expense of its full implementation.

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