The recent proposal by the National Assembly to debate a bill which is also sponsored by Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo on ‘test tube’ babies is welcome with great enthusiasm. For a while now these babies have been deprived of rights as children, so too are the surrogate mothers. This will see a surrogate mother ceding parental rights of the child upon birth, unless there is an otherwise agreement upon which both parties i.e biological parents are signatories. Although in vitro fertilization has been going on in Kenya, there has not been laid down logistics on a register of beneficiaries including the law itself to govern the practice, this has posed many risks of intermarriage by relatives. Court cases too have been in the offing where surrogate mothers demand ownership of the child upon birth leaving the biological parents with no option.
Infertile couples and mothers who have pregnancy complications will soon have something to smile about if the bill will be debated upon and passed unanimously. The joy of any good marriage is having children, any factor that impedes efforts for procreation is a pain in the neck if not heartbreaking. This procedure has had its share of lashing by religious leaders for quite a while terming it as immoral, unnatural and ungodly. However, with the passing of the proposed bill that has laid down rules, regulations and authority on issuing licenses, legitimacy of the parties, outlawing cloning that may be in disguise of the same and on the number of times a woman can undergo the procedure, this bill is much welcome and a joy to the many affected.

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