Heavy rains have rocked most parts of the country further rendering some weather roads completely impassable. It is not the first time the country is plagued by such amounts of rainfall albeit less destructive this time round. Rain they say is a blessing, I would add that it is a blessing in disguise. The metrological department never disappoints in informing of such rains in the offing but hardly do Kenyans take heed nor prepare to receive the blessing.
If Kenyans could innovate ways of tapping the rain water in large amounts then perennial famine that often plagues our country would be a thing of the past. The stored water can be used to irrigate our dry land during the dry season and cash crops of all varieties can be grown. We can even export our cash crops to various other countries. This has been tried elsewhere and has worked out very well not forgetting here in Kenya in a few irrigation schemes where it is river water that is used.
For a third world country of Kenya’s caliber it is quite shameful for civilians to die of hunger and beg for foreign aid from countries where such innovative measures are in place. Let us borrow the ideas and not always being on the receiving end of foreign aid.

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