In what seems to be a reduction of the number of Ebola cases and perceived extermination of the virus is in disguise and foolhardy. The virus is still looming unabated without the knowledge of many civilians and medical practitioners. Every day if not hour, new victims are reported to have contracted the disease, with some failing to disclose their status thusly increasing the rate of infection. Kenya is no exception and is quite vulnerable through our porous borders and notably our airports. Last week a 10- year old boy who arrived in Kenya exhibiting Ebola –like symptoms had to be quarantined in order to be examined. The big question is why the boy and his mother had to force their way in by sneaking through Uganda after being denied entry at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yet he had exhibited Ebola- like symptoms? Much as he had latter tested negative of Ebola, the worry is how many people (mostly fellow pupils for that matter) would he have infected for the eight days he has been in Kenya? How authentic are the tests to fast establish his status as negative? What if the virus is still in its initial stages not fully manifesting its existence and symptoms?
I find the Ministry of Health outlandishly unresponsive, preposterous, negligent and not vigilant in devising preventing measures against the much dreaded disease. Sadly, the comforts of modern social life have blinded Kenyans from seeing the possible ways of contracting the virus ranging from clubs, parties, orgies, rugby matches and other social gatherings where all sorts of immoral acts are the order of the day. Doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, teachers and civilians too should be trained on the various methods of identifying the disease, how it is contracted, treated and how to prevent oneself from contracting it. Besides the public being the top most priority, medical practitioners should be provided with protective gear and medical equipment for the support, isolation and transportation of patients. We must win this fight against Ebola that is spreading like a cankerworm lest we all perish because of our own folly.

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