The much heated debate and a court case regarding digital migration has been the talk of the day in the public domain. For many months now, viewers who subscribe to StarTimes and Gotv digital signal providers have not been able to watch local T.V channels. The Supreme Court issued a statement in its ruling that the media houses, signal distribution companies and the media houses should reach a unanimous decision within ninety days on how they would operate henceforth. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon the government and the Communications Authority of Kenya to issue licenses to these media houses in the shortest time possible for them to be back on air on digital platform. It is suspect to all and sundry on CAK’s reservations on issuance of licenses to private media houses whose main aim will be to censor their content.
Chapter 5 on the bill of rights and Article 34 of the Kenyan constitution is very clear on the Freedom of the press, so too are Articles 33 on Freedom of expression and Article 35 on Access to information not forgetting Freedom of Information Act and code of conduct all within whose confines journalists should operate. The freedom of information encompasses two complementary aspects: First is the right of the public to be informed, this right is usually regarded as fundamental to political democracy. Second is the right of each individual to express him or herself freely. For the government, Communications Authority of Kenya or any other statutory body to go against what is envisaged in the constitution at the expense of not issuing licenses is utter lawlessness and against the spirit of democracy.

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