Kenya’s proverbial 2  week memory life span has epitomized itself this time more than ever before. Kenyan’s seem to forget almost at the speed of lightning and this has indeed been our greatest undoing which has always come back to haunt us time and again. We have always been left with the choice of voting in the lesser evil rather than developmental ideologies devoid of corruption, impunity and mediocrity.

Under the current regime we have witnessed wanton looting of funds and run away corruption with reckless abandon. Despite the EACC  making frantic efforts to bring the culprits into book, the efforts have always been akin to chasing a wild goose. Needless to say, Wanjiku’s outcry has always fallen on deaf ears or at times shouted down just at the onset.

Social injustices have also been our greatest plague ever since independence yet nothing seems to change for the better. It is by no surprise that Kenyans will still vote in the rogue government that has stagnated our economy without batting an eyelid. We will continue to wallow in poverty and suffering if at all this would continue being Kenyan’s mentality. We need to rise up to the occasion and send home these simpleton led regime lest we vomit to our folly.


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